Global Concierge Services is a members-only club. Our goal is to offer the best lifestyle service, so you will save time & money. 

Meet the team. Meet Bjorn, David and Marlon! 

Meet the team Bjorn Mollet Global Concierge Services

Bjorn Mollet

CEO and Co-owner
Bjorn is active in aviation for nearly 20 years. He started working at Thomas Cook and became director Capacity and Yield. In 2008 he started his career in the corporate flying. Customer satisfaction is one of his main goals. Since the beginning of his career he was able to ease his clients. Those clients always contacted Bjorn to fix even the most difficult demands. This was the reason GCS was created.
Meet the team David Dekyver Global Concierge Services

David Dekyver

CFO and Co-owner
David has been flying since his 16th birthday. A few years later he found his real passion. Selling and renting out planes and just like Bjorn satisfying his clients. David is always looking for that little extra to strengthen his partners and clients. It’s this kind of know-how and experience you need to keep growing and fulfill the client needs. Due his long career he has an enormous network that he uses to arrange whatever the client asks.
Meet the team Marlon Porreye Global Concierge Services

Marlon Porreye

Marketing department & Sales
Young and passionate by aviation and luxury. This makes that he never avoids a challenge and always will look for the best option for his clients. Marketing and the need to find new clients is the reason why he was born. Being integrated in a company where he could develop himself in a world that he only could dream of is the beginning of much more.
Today, we are globally at the service of our discerning members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. We’re active in luxury travel, personal concierge services, real estate and entertainment.Through our global & local network we are able to offer an accurate, efficient and discreet service. Every luxury lifestyle manager within the group takes care of his / her members personally.
Improve your lifestyle
Our world offers an abundance of unforgettable experiences. The lifestyle managers of GCS give you access to unparalleled privileges such as: exclusive access to events, last-minute tickets for concerts and music festivals, upgrades at hotels & luxury holiday resorts, the last table in a fully booked 3 star restaurant, ... No issue is too much for us. At GCS our answer is never ‘no’.
Save precious time
Today, we realize more than ever that time is our most precious asset. Yet many busy people take care of their own logistics, even tough a personal assistant can take on many of those time-consuming tasks. Leading a busy life, working hard and often being on the way, it simply takes a lot of effort to arrange every aspect yourself.
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